Another day out in the wild

Michel wrote this at 09:31 :

mlt03303.jpg We organised another day in the Nairobi National Park, this time we got a bit more organised. We contacted the Laikipia Wildlife Forum.

This organisation is doing a great job supervising the implementation of several wildlife and community based projects in the Northern part of the country. I knew that they had an environmental program and asked them if they could send their implementation officer to give a speech to the kids. They accepted and we took care of his transport and accommodation costs.
It was great to see the kids listening to a lecture on the various animals and how beneficial it could be to preserve them, and how the wildlife can potentially assist to provide work through tourism. At the end of the day, when we asked the orphans what job they wanted to do when they were older: nearly all of them replied rangers or tour guides. I thought that was quite positive.

mlt03305.jpg mlt03299.jpg

Another tour company, Sunworld, helped us with a second vehicle to carry the orphans, so we were able to take 23 kids out that day.


But best of all, we had the Talisman Restaurant prepare a meal and a huge chocolate cake for the children. All that made a fantastic day out for every one.

mlt03293.jpg mlt03292.jpg

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    Not sure if anybody mentioned this, I didn’t read all the remarks, but your sites’ design is really a litte tweaked in Mozilla working on Windows7.

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