African Latitude Involvement in Kibera Orphanage

Michel wrote this at 08:04 :

black-board.jpg In recent months African Latitude has been involved in supporting a small orphanage in the Nairobi slums Kibera. Michel Laplace Toulouse our Managing Director met a volunteer worker Florence, see her blog Nowhere in Kenya & was introduced to the orphanage ‘parents’ and the children. Great foster parents and great kids who deserve a little push in life.

Since then African Latitude has contributed to the life of Siloam children, helping them in many different ways.

- March 2008: African Latitude purchased several blackboards for the primary school.


- April 2008: to get the children out of the grim life of Kibera, we organised a safari to Nakuru National Park for 8 kids & one parent. It was a whole days trip to Nakuru and the first time, for several of them, as they had never been out of Kibera before.



Later in April 08, we took another eight kids & parent to Nairobi National Park for the full day.


- May 2008:
Water has been an issue at the orphanage. Water had to be purchased from the neighbor, using jerrycans and making sanitation very difficult. African Latitude has assisted Siloam with the cost of bringing the pipes and the Water Department connection fees. Now water is available on the compound to the great joy of the children & parents.
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