Taking the pressure off

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Thanks to a generous donor, I have been able to set up a small fund for Siloam’s food supply. Through a monthly donation from Mr VG, together with our company’s contribution, we will be able to purchase and deliver every month about 540 kg of maize, 90 kg of beans + 20 kg of sugar. This will certainly take the pressure off their meager finance. Many thanks to VG for his very kind generosity.

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Food supply always a problem

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Life is not easy at Siloam Orphanage. The orphanage ‘father’ Stephen has set up a day school for outside fee paying pupils participation, but collecting fees from these children’s parents is also a problem. This is one of the major problems in the orphanage, Stephen is just not able to send a child home when the parents don’t pay their bills. Then as a result cash is short for food and teachers salaries, this is the case for October just like many other months. So we have bought today 90kg of beans and maize. I will try to set up some kind of fund to overcome this eternal struggle to feed the children. Let us hope that someone else will be generous enough to assist them. But all this is short term. The main issue is to create some sustainable finance for the Orphanage.

Siloam in Travel News Magazine

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Laikipia Wildlife Forum publishes every month an article in TN. This month they mentioned our latest trip to the Nairobi National Park. Elephantus one of their education officer was explaining to young children the importance of protecting wildlife. Sammy one of our guides, was there also to learn how to do it, for future trips.