Safari revenue benefits to local communities

Michel wrote this at 06:27 :

Our walking safaris generate revenue for the local Masai people in the Loita hills, and this is distributed to them, through contributions to the local primary schools (this is the decision of the Masai themselves).

From the safari revenue, our clients are directly contributing to the welfare of these children. Contributions are made in annual payments to the school, and sometimes we make purchases on their behalf of items such as uniforms, public speaker systems & television screens.

We are pleased that we can assist the communities and as a result the local Masai people are very welcoming to our visitors in their region.

Here is the list of school we help with our walking safaris:

Naapalusa Primary School
Kone Primary School
Oldumusoi Primary School
Osupuko-Irobi Primary School
Ilkimate Pre-School
Entesekera Primary School
Olorle Primary School
Mausa Primary School

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