Film maker Anna Campbell was in Shompole and Olkiramatian

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And here is the result: Shall We dance a beautifully filmed window on Shompole and Ol Kiramatian Group Ranch, their people and their wildlife.


Pride & Pastoralist. This short film gives an insight into the complicated layers of the human-animal conflict and highlights the importance of coexistence in the future of sustaining wildlife populations in Kenya. The underlying message is that coexistence of pastoral livestock and wildlife is not only possible, but is the best hope of sustaining large viable carnivore and other wildlife populations. Although this film focuses on specifically lion in the South Rift region, it speaks to many human-animal conflict issue worldwide. More information and pictures can be found here:

Yann Arthus Bertrand filming at Loisiijo

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Yann Arthus Bertrand a famous French photographer and film maker came to Loisiijo to film the salt formations on Lake Magadi and Lake Natron. Yann has come many times to Magadi for filming, and this is his second visit to Loisiijo, an ideal base for photographic work in the Rift Valley

yannarthusbertrand-1173.jpg yannarthusbertrand-4334.jpg

Michel and Yann were filming from the air in a helicopter, for Yann’s next film “Human”. They then flew onto Ethiopia where they continued filming for three weeks.

You should have a look at Yann’s previous film “Home”, there are some incredible aerial images from all over the world (and Magadi ;-). You can download it on this link .

ethiopia-4316.jpg ethiopia-1380.jpg

Here are a few images of Lake Magadi from his film.
“A Thirsty World”.

magadi_aerial-88399.jpg magadi_aerial-88390.jpg