Marketing in Berlin - ITB

africanlatitude wrote this at 14:49 :

Well it’s one thing to build a community lodge, but we do need to do some marketing, so off we go, Robyn, John Kamanga (from the Olkirimatian Group Ranch) and myself to Berlin ITB.

ITB 2009 was a first time experience for John. It included riding a bicycle that powered a computer,


climbing a wall and seeing a huge shiny Mack truck.


For us who had been to travel shows before, the difference was being with other people from all over the world instead of being located in a pavilion dedicated to your own country. We shared views and contacts with people committed to sustainable tourism and those wanting to learn about it. And not just from within the tourism industry but from various NGO’s & others working in this field.


We discovered a few programs which could certainly help the Shompole and OlKiramatian communities to improve their tourism & conservation projects. As well we gave some lectures on our projects and participated in various discussion groups with others from the UN, GTZ etc.

The end of phase 4

Michel wrote this at 21:27 :

We have now reached a point where Loisiijo could be operational. The 3 river frontage bungalows are now complete, as well as the dining area and the Kitchen. Finition and furnishing will be the main goal for phase 5.






Our roof specialists are posing in front of their finished work:


The top bungalow needs a lot more work, but it will have to wait for Phase 5.



Drought… Tough time for wildlife and cattle alike

Michel wrote this at 16:22 :

The November rains almost failed, there was certainly not enough rain to sustain a good growth of grass and now all animals are suffering. February is the birthing season for ungulates, zebra & wildebeeste in Shompole Conservation Area.


During a routine visit to the conservancy with Nixon Sitei the acting warden and Shanni Ole Petanya, the Secretary of Shompole Group Ranch, we came across several carcasses of zebra.


Cattle have also been moved to the slopes of Oldonyo Sampu looking for grazing. Many will die before the next rains which are due in April, and that`s hoping they will come then….