Rebuilding the pride.

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Guy Western from the African Conservation Center was in Loisiijo to give us an update on his work with Lions, his project is known as Rebuilding the Pride

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As we all know lions are diminishing in great numbers, they are poisoned or hunted by farmers due to conflict in grazing areas with their cattle. Here in Shompole and Olkirimation Group Ranches, we are all working on building a sustainable environment for wildlife and people.

When Guy is present in the area he is available, upon advance request, to give a lecture on his project at Shompole. So if you are staying with us, don’t hesitate to contact us in advance about it.

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Rebuilding the Pride aims to increase lion and other carnivore numbers across the South Rift, linking the Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo into a viable meta-population. The program centers on reducing human-wildlife conflict, preventing range fragmentation and maintaining healthy prey numbers. The project explores the basis of traditional practices among pastoralists that allow herders to coexist with wildlife and minimize conflict with predators.

Lions and People
Visiting the center for a few days, I found myself sitting atop the Land Cruiser alongside ……
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