Repairs works thanks to a Swiss friend.

africanlatitude wrote this at 07:05 :

With funds generously donated by Mr Claude Marullaz, a Swiss restaurateur from Geneva, we were able to put the lodge back to its original state. Some insurance money was also obtained and the repairs managed courtesy of Community Camps Ltd.

repairs-3532.jpg repairs-3533.jpg

Alexis Peltier and Michel Laplace-Toulouse of did several presentations on Shompole Group Ranch in Oregon USA and US$860 were generously donated by supporters during a presentation at the South Store Café in Scholls.

scholl.jpg scholl-2.jpg

African Latitude also provided a 4X4 land cruiser pick up for three weeks.
Most workers were employed from the local Maasai community at Shompole, as well as a few tradesmen with specialised skills sourced from other parts of Kenya.

repairs-3563.jpg repairs-3584.jpg

repairs-3541.jpg repairs-3548.jpg

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