The cleaning continues

africanlatitude wrote this at 15:55 :

The cleaning goes on, digging & washing, more digging & washing…. all done manually as there is no machinery in this part of Africa.

loisiijocleanup-2255.jpg loisiijocleanup-2264.jpg

At least the mud is drying, but it’s not easy to wash off, it takes several washes to get everything clean and when it’s try it turns to fine dust! I’m not sure what is worse..mud or powder dust!. The kitchen & dining area have been cleared of mud & now the staff have to tackle the rooms. And they are not a pretty sight, they have up to 2 feet of mud deposited in them. But with a lot of hard work we will get them cleaned up eventually.

loisiijocleanup-2214.jpg loisiijocleanup-2252.jpg

The river level has gone down considerably now & the Maasai are talking about crossing their cattle to the other side where there is better grazing, after all the good rains in the past month.
Back at Loisiijo the staff are still digging away the silt & mud but have made some good progress, well done guys.

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