Flooding at Loisiijo

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On the 7th May 2012 a huge amount of rain fell on the Shompole area and the high plateau water catchment area of the Mau Escarpment. The level of the Ewaso Ngiro River reached an unprecedented level and flooded most of the area. Villages had to evacuated in the middle of the night with Maasai people and their cattle fleeing to higher ground

loisiijofloods-2198.jpg loisiijofloods-325.jpg

Loisiijo was not spared and we had water all the way up to shoulder high in parts of the lodge, destroying solar equipment worth several thousand dollars.

loisiijofloods-2227.jpg loisiijofloods-2240.jpg

Quite a set back for the Shompole Community.

loisiijofloods-281.jpg loisiijofloods-300.jpg

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    Wow! I’d like to visit this place a lot! Thanks for sharing photos

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