Bridging the Gap at Loisiijo

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Harmon Parker, founder and Managing Director of the NGO “Bridging the Gap Africa”and engineer Kelley Rehm came to survey the river at Loisiijo.

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Harmon has built over 50 bridges in Kenya for marginalised groups and communities who need safe crossings over dangerous rivers, gullies and ravines.

Bridging the Gap Africa Website

“Bridging the Gap Africa” is planning to help the Shompole Group Ranch Community and Loisiijo Lodge build a bridge close to Loisiijo. When the river is high, it will allow safe passage and facilitate also game viewing in the wildlife sanctuary for the lodge guests.

The project will be financed by three partners: Bridging the Gap, Community Camps and the Shompole Community.

Bridging the Gap was selected last year as one of the 10 finalists for the “CNN Heroes Award - Watch the video”.


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