Shompole Game Ranger - John Saigilu

africanlatitude wrote this at 08:50 :

John Saigilu is  a Ranger for Shompole Group Ranch. He has been based at Loisiijo  for the past 6 months, and accompanies the guests on game and bird walks.

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John joined the Shompole Group Ranch Ranger team in 2005. He followed a four month training course at the Kenya Wildlife Service. Manyani training school

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Before joining us at Loisiijo he was on anti poaching patrol and was promoted after catching charcoal burners in the Group Ranch.  Shompole leaders banned charcoal burning many years ago. I  wish more Communities could follow this model.

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John is very knowledgeable on animal behavior and he is currently working on the Loisiijo bird list. Being a local Masai community member, he can also explain the traditions & culture of the Masai, including the traditional uses of plants & trees.

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