Electricity in the top cottage

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Mr Peter Kisczio came to Loisiijo in February this year. He is a well travelled gentleman who has been visiting Kenya every year for the last twenty years. I believe this was his first visit to the Magadi & Shompole area. He came to stay at Loisiijo for one night, and stayed three, as he enjoyed the place so much.

I was there at the time and explained the Shompole Community project & how Loisiijo was generating income and employment for the Shompole Community. Also that we were relying on donations to finish the lodge and to complete the installation of solar electricity in the rooms.

When Peter was leaving he made a very generous gesture and donated 500 USD to complete the solar installation in one room.  

So now thanks to Peter, we have another beautifully lit bungalow. On behalf of the Shompole Community. thank you Peter for your generosity.

toproom-001.jpg toproom-003.jpg

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  1. Morris Vitagliano Says:

    Love your website, excellent content. Grabbed the RSS and will be back to read more. Take note though, the header is askew in Chrome installed upon Linux.

  2. Keiko Kines Says:

    Hey man, I own a web site as well and I almost never see junk comments for your pages. How do you find a way to stop it all? Do you just physically moderate all of it?

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