Phase 5 - The Last Leg

africanlatitude wrote this at 12:13 :

Back to work again… our gang of workers made it’s way back to Shompole Group Ranch on the 24th of August.


Having left Loisijo abandoned for several months allowed the previous occupants to settle back in again.

The leopard is back, and visits the area near the top bungalow.
The Verreaux Eagle Owl has taken position in the largest fig tree and prefers the branch which overhangs the river.
The porcupine visits every night, and if you don’t catch a glimpse of him in the torchlight, then you can certainly hear him shuffling around in the dry leaves.
The baboons no longer make a detour of the camp on their daily passage up the river.

The spotted hyena has extended its territory right through camp to the river, last night it decided to try taking a bite on one of Yusuf’s nice new cool boxes….
And the genet has three babies, one fell in the kitchen sink last night to be rescued by Kipen. (lucky there was no water)

The ACC ( The African Conservation Centre - ) is still very supportive of the project and donated an extra million shillings to finish the building work off. Of course that is not going to complete the lodge, as we still have to supply all the solar electricity and water pumps, build staff quarters, finish the bungalow number 4 etc…. etc… but we will certainly keep trying…..


And that’s not taking into consideration the rope bridge which will be needed when the rains come back….the upgrading of the water tanks, digging a well, planting grass etc…..

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  1. Taryn Caywood Says:

    I really love what you post here,very insightful and smart. One issue though, I’m running Firefox with Ubuntu and portions of your current site structure are a little off. I understand it really is not the popular system, yet it’s always a thing to watch out for. Hope this helps and keep up the top quality posting.

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