Striped Hyena, the best spot in Kenya

Michel wrote this at 10:14 :

Only a kilometer away from Loisiijo Lodge there is a research camp studying Striped hyena. The research was set up several years ago by Aaron Wagner of Michigan State University (USA). Aaron has been studying Striped hyena for many years & I believe that his project is the only long term study of this animal.

Very little is known about the Striped Hyena which is very elusive and difficult to see, study or photograph…… Except in the Shompole area of Kenya. Kenya and Egypt are the only two countries with populations of over 1000 individuals (which accounts for 51% of the maximum african population estimate and 82% of the minimum estimate).

Working in collaboration with the Hyena program, we want to try to offer a better insight into this little known animal. Our aim is to set up a foster parent program which will enable a visitor staying at the lodge to go out at night with the researcher while he is working, and learn more about hyenas. The lodge and the researchers will offer a follow up via email.


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