The Olorosai: a woven screen

Michel wrote this at 16:49 :

A screen or separation inside the Masai hut is made traditionally by the Masai women (as is the entire hut). The women will go into the bush and select long thin sticks which will be woven together and is called ‘Olorosai’ in Maa language.

We have used a lot of these woven screens in the building of the lodge as window shutters and doors. The ‘Olorosai’ are made for us by the local Masai women thus allowing them to generated some direct income for their work.





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  1. Keith Mcclendon Says:

    I really love what you post here,very fresh and smart. One issue though, I’m running Opera with Linux and some of your current site structure are a little wonky. I know it really is not a common set up, but it is always a thing to watch out for. I hope that helps and continue to keep up the high quality posting.

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