The Ewaso Ngiro River, the fig trees and us

Michel wrote this at 16:46 :

I have forgotten to mention where we are: a secluded place on the banks of the river Ewaso Ngiro in close proximity of Lakes Magadi and Natron.


It is, incidentally, where the first few images of the film “The Queen of Trees” an award winning film by Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone have been shot. It is the remarkable story of an African fig tree and the special relationship it has with a tiny insect partner.

The Queen of Trees website

The Queen of Trees Trailer

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  1. Hilton Lizardo Says:

    Unsure if anyone pointed this out, I did not read all the remarks, your web sites’ structure is really a litte tweaked in Chrome operating on Windows 98.

  2. Clayton Monroe Says:

    I like this article but can not concur with your points. Can’t argue with the general tone though. Well crafted too!

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