Tubing down the Ewaso Ngiro river

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Shompole Group Ranch at this time of the year is quite hot but the grass is still green thanks to a few rain showers.

The coolest place to be is in the shade of the giant fig trees at Loisiijo.

But for the more adventurous, the best place is on, or in the river. Tubing down the river when the water is high and the current still strong is a fantastic experience. So off we went with a few 4X4 inner tubes pumped up to the maximum pressure.

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Drifting past solid walls of tentacle-like roots, surprising herons, kingfishers and zebras as they came down to drink, and meeting Masai herdsmen watering their cattle were just a few of the unexpected encounters.

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Shompole Game Ranger - John Saigilu

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John Saigilu is  a Ranger for Shompole Group Ranch. He has been based at Loisiijo  for the past 6 months, and accompanies the guests on game and bird walks.

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John joined the Shompole Group Ranch Ranger team in 2005. He followed a four month training course at the Kenya Wildlife Service. Manyani training school

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Before joining us at Loisiijo he was on anti poaching patrol and was promoted after catching charcoal burners in the Group Ranch.  Shompole leaders banned charcoal burning many years ago. I  wish more Communities could follow this model.

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John is very knowledgeable on animal behavior and he is currently working on the Loisiijo bird list. Being a local Masai community member, he can also explain the traditions & culture of the Masai, including the traditional uses of plants & trees.

Electricity in the top cottage

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Mr Peter Kisczio came to Loisiijo in February this year. He is a well travelled gentleman who has been visiting Kenya every year for the last twenty years. I believe this was his first visit to the Magadi & Shompole area. He came to stay at Loisiijo for one night, and stayed three, as he enjoyed the place so much.

I was there at the time and explained the Shompole Community project & how Loisiijo was generating income and employment for the Shompole Community. Also that we were relying on donations to finish the lodge and to complete the installation of solar electricity in the rooms.

When Peter was leaving he made a very generous gesture and donated 500 USD to complete the solar installation in one room.  

So now thanks to Peter, we have another beautifully lit bungalow. On behalf of the Shompole Community. thank you Peter for your generosity.

toproom-001.jpg toproom-003.jpg

Rain and flooding

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After so many months, the rains are here in the Rift Valley.


The road from Nairobi to Magadi is flooded, bridges have been swept away
and reaching the camp can be a challenge.

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The rains on the Mau escarpment must have been very heavy, in 5 hours the river has gone up 8 meters, the water almost reached the cottages.

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Solar Power

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Thanks to the EU and ACC, Loisiijo has now solar power for the dinning room and kitchen. The Solar pump has also been installed and we are able to pump river water to the main filtering tank.

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This is a great improvement and a great pleasure to have cold drinks and lights without the humming of a generator.

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