Shompole community trust

by Michel

Situated in the southern end of the country, on the floor of the Rift Valley at an altitude of 600m, Shompole group Ranch lay between the Tanzanian border with lake Natron on one side and to the North, another soda lake, Lake Magadi.

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Spanning over 62,700 hectares of Kenya’s grasslands and savannahs, Shompole Community Trust is home of traditional Loodokilani Masai. It is also one of the most stunning landscape in the Rift Valley. Lake Magadi is an ever changing mirror which send back the reflection of both escarpment of the Rift Valley.

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The alkaline water of the lake as well as the Ewaso Ngiro river bring vast numbers of birds, flamingoes and pelicans are permanent residents of the area.

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The community through the help of various eco tourism project has understood the importance of preserving their unique environment. They created a 10000 HA game sanctuary. In four years the game has made a great come back has preserved and restored the local environment. Re-emerging and thriving wetlands have attracted an increasing number wildlife and visitors.

Revenue from ecotourism has been invested through the Shompole Community Trust in protecting and restoring the environment, as well as in funding healthcare services, education, water supply, and school fees. The trust, a legally recognized corporation, is owned by the Maasai people and addresses issues of socio-economic development on behalf of the community. Shompole Community Trust won the UNDP Equator Prize 2006 as the community ‘Best Biodiversity Based Business’ model category award not only in Africa but globally.

Currently African Latitude is involved in building the community lodge on the Ewaso Ngiro…