Canoes on the Ewaso Ngiro

africanlatitude wrote this at 10:48 :

Loisiijo now has 2 sea kayaks available for guests staying at the lodge.

These single kayaks (or one adult and child) are very sturdy and ideal to descend the river when the water is running high, which it has been recently. An ideal half day outing is to start the day early morning by joining the scientists studying the baboons, then canoe down the river from the bridge to the lodge. Depending of the current this could take one to 3 hours. It is fantastic fun, you will meet Masai herdsmen, women and kids collecting water and of course a lots of birds and monkeys.

The bigger game, like zebra, eland and giraffe come to drink in the afternoon, so one would be more likely to meet them on an evening trip.

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