Tubing down the Ewaso Ngiro river

africanlatitude wrote this at 13:22 :

Shompole Group Ranch at this time of the year is quite hot but the grass is still green thanks to a few rain showers.

The coolest place to be is in the shade of the giant fig trees at Loisiijo.

But for the more adventurous, the best place is on, or in the river. Tubing down the river when the water is high and the current still strong is a fantastic experience. So off we went with a few 4X4 inner tubes pumped up to the maximum pressure.

mlt00741.jpg mlt00754.jpg

Drifting past solid walls of tentacle-like roots, surprising herons, kingfishers and zebras as they came down to drink, and meeting Masai herdsmen watering their cattle were just a few of the unexpected encounters.

mlt00759.jpg mlt00744.jpg