Fixing the roof of the dinning and sitting area

Michel wrote this at 05:52 :

The Ewaso Ngiro river flows into the Rift Valley from the Mau escarpment, eventually reaching Lake Natron at the Kenya/Tanzania border. It reaches the lake only when the rains are plentiful. The river finishes in a swamp near the Shompole mountain. Lucky for the group ranch, because this is where we get the bullrush to construct the roof of the lodge.


It is a major operation. Villagers from Shompole are employed to cut the reeds, it is then transported to the river banks opposite the lodge, from where it is carried across the river for final use on the roof by the women. The women are experts at their job. Not a man’s work in the world of the Masai!
The reeds are then soaked in the river before being carried to the roof for fitting in place when wet. It makes a great roof.