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Towards the end of August and early September the wildebeest migration reaches the northern part of the Masai Mara plains and the Mara River. Hundreds of thousands of animals mass on the banks of the river waiting for the right moment to cross. The spectacle is impressive, as wildebeest throw themselves down the steep bank and into the river where the hungry crocodiles are waiting. The crocodiles are quickly satisfied in the first few days, but in fact the sheer number of wildebeest is more a danger to the wildebeest themselves than the predators.
Especially designed with photography in mind Hammerkop Camp will offer the photographer a chance to take some of the most fantastic wildlife pictures of a lifetime.

HAMMERKOP CAMP IS THE IDEAL LOCATION FOR WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER. Set up so that you can easily charge all your batteries, and computer. If a professionnal photographer guide is required to assist you shooting but also processing your images on your computer, we will find the right for you.





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Over the past few years, many eco-tourism projects have seen the light....

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Hammerkop Camp  Masai Mara