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Just this weekend on my way to Loisiijo on Shompole Group Ranch, and when flying near Lake Natron, on the northern Tanzania border with Kenya we were delighted by the spectacle of thousands of nesting flamingoes.

Thousands of juvenile flamingoes were flocked together on the beautiful rosy pink flats of Natron! Many nests were holding still more eggs and tended by the adults, and even eggs spilling out over the ground. Huge flocks of juveniles were marching north in the shallow waters, far from the nesting ground. With flamingo reproduction being such an unpredictable event, I was delighted to see the colony reproducing in such numbers.

My good friend & pilot had been there just a week before, & had seen even greater numbers then. The Shompole Group Ranch is looking fantastic at the moment after just a few days of rain, with plenty of long grass. We saw elephant, giraffe, zebra, ostrich, eland, and gazelles on the Shompole Group Ranch.

My pilot had counted 80 elephants on one of his flights there recently. There is an airstrip just 9 kms up river from Loisiijo. We can organise your charter flights & transfers to Loisiijo, with an experienced bush pilot for aerial photography. Here are a few photos taken just 3 days can follow the Uaso Ngiro River down into the swamp & then disappearing into Lake Natron. This is still one of the great wilderness areas of Kenya.

The soda lakes of Magadi & Natron plains area are a great place for wildlife and birding, & particularly flamingoes most of the year round. Loisiijo Lodge is a community tourism project in conjunction with the Shompole Group Ranch. Here tourism is directly supporting wildlife conservation.

Michel Laplace-Toulouse



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