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Do you want to help elephant researcher while on a game drive in the Mara

 Join and download the Mara EleApp for Android based phone and while on safari in the Masai Mara  you can participate in the collection of data that will help to monitor and protect the Mara elephants. The data collected on elephant individuals and groups, on their wounds, injuries or illnesses, and on mortalities can be uploaded directly to the ElephantVoices server in the US.

The combined App and searchable databases make this project highly interactive. There is nothing quite like it available anywhere else and ElephantVoices is proud to have pioneered this new way to monitor elephants. Indeed, as we go to press Agness Kilena (pictured left) has uploaded an observation of an elephant birth! Read more



Over the past few years, many eco-tourism projects have seen the light....

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Hammerkop Camp  Masai Mara