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Price of Ivory increase, elephant poaching on the rise

Price of ivory on the black market has increased fivefold in the past 18 month. The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is placing massive resources and effort into curbing this scourge with significant success. NRT and KWS are also mobilizing communities against these poachers through a series of meetings within villages and amongst different members of society.  Historically the only tool available to government in their anti-poaching operations was an armed response, now through the improved relationships and the real value of wildlife to communities an entirely new opportunity exists to curb this problem.


In the long-term this war will not be won in Africa but through a combination of political lobbying in the West and engagement with the ever-growing economies of the Far East.  The previous ban on the trade in ivory worked well and it was only since this was lifted and CITES authorised a one-off sale that the price and demand has escalated. NRT will continue to fight this at a field level through our Kenya Police Reservists and communities whilst interacting at a senior political level to lobby for the reinstatement of a total ban



Over the past few years, many eco-tourism projects have seen the light....

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Hammerkop Camp  Masai Mara